A Biological Study of the North American Sloth

For all the nations have drunk the maddening wine of her adulteries. The kings of the earth committed adultery with her, and the merchants of the earth grew rich from her excessive luxuries. (Revelation 18:3)

As we near the climax of an age where our own stupidity has lead us to believe that we are intelligent, or even more evolved and advanced than previous civilization, it looks like that old saying “those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it” is going to have to hit us on the head before we clue in. Think about it; we revel in being ignorant, we consume materials to fill our spiritual appetite, we give credence to those whom we feel no need to question, and out of some blindly misplaced sense of confidence we think that somehow we’re smarter or better off? Socrates said, “The more you know, the more you realize that you know nothing.” It always astounds me whenever I hear these know-it-all cyber rats, who after watching a couple pseudo-intellectual docu-dramas, find themselves somehow prematurely enlightened over timeless philosophies and truths, as if for some reason all of history has suddenly amended itself to suit the tiny grain of salt that is their grand revelation. That’s like claiming to know how to pilot an F-14 after watching Top Gun. In plain words, too stupid to realize their own stupidity, and there’s no point in lying to yourself, we’re all guilty of it. That’s just the sim-world that’s been created for us, a world where it is easy, and in fact, fun to be mindless and uneducated. Society caters to laziness, and we indulge, letting those in power do all of the thinking for us. That doesn’t sound like freedom to me, but it does make slavery kind of fun, doesn’t it? After years of marvelous civilizations and all of the technology that we’ve wrought for the sake of knowledge, who would have guessed that the fall of mankind would be attributed to sloth and man’s lack of motivation to learn? I know it may really, really seem like your videogames, your DVD collection, your Internet, your iPhone, your iPod, your iThis, your iThat, and so on, has made you more insightful and sophisticated, but how could it have? All you’ve done with it is text, play music and purchase apps. The big surprise waiting to pop out of the cake is the reality that this state of ignorance will not last forever. Ignorance has always had a consequence, as time has continually proven. So, why would it be any different today? It’s not hard to understand. If you put your hand on a hot iron, your going to get burned. Sound familiar? It’s Newton’s Law, welcome back to the 10th grade. The real question you should be formulating right now is why society wants you to believe that each day will be the same as the last so that you can continue your reign of reckless egomania.


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