Excavated Human Remains

Take a moment to remember what it was to be happy before we started filling our hearts with everything the world told us would make us happy. Every 40 seconds, somebody kills themselves. In the last 45 years there has been a 60% increase in suicides. Most of us have movies, videogames, easily accessible music and entertainment at our fingertips, and other hypnotic drugs to keep us from thinking about the magnitude of madness in this world, but what happens when you unplug everything? There are two distinct kinds of happiness; one is truth, and one is a fraud. The western world has thickened the sea of all those cheap thrills that we obviously seem to find acceptable, because it knows what we want, but what we want and what’s good for us are rarely the same thing. We’re out of touch with the lost art of happiness that is supposed to come naturally to us. Real happiness doesn’t always make you smile or laugh. It’s not the kind of immediate pleasure you get from watching your favorite show or going out and partying. When you find real happiness, you’ll fall down and cry, and you won’t be able to pick yourself back up. The weight of the world will pull you down and you’ll mourn for all of life on Earth. It might only make you smile once or twice, but give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. True happiness comes from content of the soul. When a man finds truth in himself and the world around him, he’ll never hunger again. About 1 million people commit suicide each year. 1 million people die of starvation of the soul. We’ve abandoned our beliefs and we’ve abandoned our spirit, making of ourselves nothing more than self-gratifying animals scavenging for pleasure. Television won’t save us, but it can reward us for doing nothing. Social networks can’t build our lives for us, but they can push us into a gaping hole of anti-socialism. We want everything to come easy and simple, but life is complex and beautiful. We want candy, but only truth can nourish us. The ‘American dream’ is a plastic carrot hanging in front of us that we’ve chased all of our lives. Our heart is cold, so we drink. We’re depressed, so we tune out with our iPods. We can’t sleep, so we drink caffeine. We’re uncreative, so we play videogames. We’re unproductive, so we go shopping. We can’t think for ourselves, so we don’t think at all. In one generation, we’ve ruined the world. In one generation, sitting along the shore watching the waves come in with your family became boring, because a third of us traded our childhood for Gameboys, but got ADHD instead. What is the meaning of life and who am I to be living in it? From inside the city walls, that question becomes impossible to answer. We deny ourselves purpose and love, because of the way the world has treated us. We’ve been taught that love is for fools, and marriage is ugly. We’ve walked into the mirror where everything right is wrong. It’s acceptable to be miserable, it’s fashionable to be cruel, it’s adorable to be wicked and encouraged to be selfish. Wherever we think we are, we’re not. Real love will transform you, not hinder you. True happiness will reap tears, not time. From where we stand now, we can’t even imagine what the real world looks like.


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