The Epistemological Rift

At dawn, a bright boulder roams the sky to give law to the tides and light to the darkness. Fire creeps over the mountains, bringing warmth to a world frozen by the night. I think everyone has to ask themselves at one point or another if they’re the kind of person that sees meaning in things, or the kind that treats life like a brief moment of perfection amidst some ongoing path of chaos. Recently, a strange new world has been divulged to me, which is more accurately a hyperreality of the world I was already in. Rumors and questions about a changing world, an ending world, bustling around at a million miles an hour, all because of a recent series of profound coincidences and phenomena. Conspiracy became truth, and truth became censored, and most of what we thought to be an ordinary morning in the neighborhood became extraordinary.

C/2010 X1, or “Elenin” for the English-speaking non-scientist humans like myself, was a curious object that entered our solar system late last year, which, despite being called a comet over and over, refused to act like one. The object was censored from the public’s eye on various sources and aroused much controversy from amateur scientists worldwide as Elenin drew closer to Earth. NASA’s official trajectory tracked it as it wandered between us and the sun during an unusual flux of X-class solar flares and seismic activity, but one of the things that was most peculiar about this object is that it made it’s perihelion on September 11th, an extremely politically charged date, as well as occult, and speculated to be the true birth date of Christ. Elenin then proceeded to align with Earth, the Sun and the Moon on the holy Jewish festival, Rosh Hashanah, where the trumpets of awakening are blasted, like an alarm clock, which is promptly what Elenin became. Soon after, people started directing their attention to a sign that also appeared during this holy festival in the constellation of Virgo (the virgin) that fulfilled the two thousand year old prophecy of Revelation 12, which carried out over the “Days of Awe” with the birthing of the morning star on October 3rd and 4th. A few days later, on Yom Kippur, the “Day of Atonement” and holiest day of the year, the record setting Draconid meteor shower swept across the sky and, being from the constellation Draco (dragon), completed the prophecy by painting a beautiful picture of the angels being cast out from heaven for all the world to see. I always thought there were two ways to see something: with your eyes and with your mind. Witnessing something and understanding it are two different things. Anybody can see an occurrence like this as random chance, that’s natural, but you have to ask yourself if it’s possible that you can see more than that, more than what lays on the surface. Did that defunct satellite fall on Christmas Island of all places for a reason, or was it also just a part of this Fall’s long string of seemingly related random events?

I’ve never looked much into numerology, because the Bible tells us not to follow anyone who “practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead”, however, if you leave out all the Hogwarts hoodoo, numerology can be found encoded all throughout the bible as a complex type of mathematical language. Some may even call it a means of recognizing signs or warnings. I wouldn’t have bothered investigating if it hadn’t entered my life, but it did. I’m currently holding a part time job at a nearby seafood kitchen for a little extra living cash, which I consider a sort of blessing considering the bleak employment rates these days. On October 14th, I was busy pricing up a bunch of items as usual when the thought entered my head to turn and check the time on the clock behind me. It read 4:44pm. As peculiar as it is to see a number like this by chance, what confounded me was not the time on the clock alone, but the price of the item that I had printed off at that very same minute; $4.44. I use a scale to weigh and price the items, so you can imagine how I might’ve felt seeing that I had just priced up an item that, weighing 165 kg at a unit price of $26.90/kg, came to $4.44 at the precise time of 4:44pm. This was truly a moment where I had to ask myself if I had just witnessed a random defiance of astronomical odds, or something far more profound. 8 days later, I was at work making an effort not to look at the clock after having heard a theory that angels can nudge you to look in a certain place at a certain time in order to get their message across, so I thought that if they really wanted to send a message, they would somehow find a way to get me to look. Well, when things got busier, the whole plan slipped my mind and I accidentally looked at the clock right during the turn of 4:44 to 4:45pm. The next day, I was under a bit of stress and found myself compelled to say a quick prayer at work. When I finished, I heard a woman’s voice calling me. It was a customer who requested three individually wrapped pieces of cod. As I wrapped and priced them up for her, she changed her mind and decided to add an extra fourth piece, also individually wrapped. When I printed the sticker for that piece, the price was $4.44. Truth really is stranger than fiction. After I had finished wrapping the last of the cod for the woman, I washed my hands and looked at the clock, which read 4:46pm. I knew it wasn’t 4:44, but I also knew that two minutes earlier would’ve been about the time I printed that sticker. Just think about it; it had to have been just the right item weighing not a feather more or less for me to have seen that number right at that one perfect 60-second interval within a 24-hour day. Once: maybe a coincidence. Twice: it might deserve a closer look. Three times: it’s time to wake up. I did some research and found a few common interpretations and meanings of the number 444, and to my surprise, I discovered that I’m not the only one who has been seeing it lately.

The trumpets are blasting and the bells are ringing. Comets and meteors that had been thrown onto a predestined path since before time began blast across the universe at 40 km/second for the creation of one great miracle that would shine bright and brief in the eyes of a few, then dwindle into a memory that would last forever. There’s a chilling sensation waiting for you on the day that you realize that the heavens aren’t chaotically throwing together life in perfect harmony, but revolving around the very hope that you wake up from this winding river of dreams and rise up to seize the truth. People are always looking for a way to see God so that they may believe, but only when they believe in Him will they then be able to see.


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