The Lion of Judah

I just had something interesting happen to me that I thought would be worth sharing. I initially created this site around the time of the high holy days and fall feasts when comet Elenin was passing by Earth, because it was around this time that I really felt a reawakening of the spirit of God and felt compelled to document many of the incredible things that I had learned and experienced. One of the things I’ve learned from these past two months is how to tune in when God is trying to show me something and receive His message, and last night, something very peculiar happened. I had just learned how to play a new song on the piano, Billy Joel’s “Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)”, the 7th track classic from his 93’ album ‘River of Dreams’. Now, I’m 20 years old. In fact, I’m not even a huge Billy Joel fan. The only reason that I recognize this song is from hearing it when I was as a just a tot, so, naturally, I think I carry this song somewhere deep in special place of good memories. Having learned this song, I played it over and over until it was perfect, and then it occurred to me to go to Youtube to see if there was an old music video for it so that I could play along. Of course, the official video came up at the top of the list, and this is what I found.

It wasn’t until the song was over that I noticed that the time on it was 3:33. From a previous article, Wide Awakening, I mentioned how the number 333 had been popping up in me and my friend’s life, in my Dad’s flight number, in the Bible, and now in this. Many other Christians like myself have also claimed to have seen this number and numbers like this throughout the past few months. So, taking it as a possible hint from the Lord, I quickly went over to my Bible and opened it up. What I usually do here is I hold the Bible up and flip though the pages until one of them sticks, and whatever this page is that my thumb lands on, I take it as the message that I’m supposed to receive. Hand on my heart, swear to God, the page that opened up was in the book of Joel, chapter 3:11. Now I know why I had been mysteriously drawn to learn a Billy Joel song. Also, 311 is a number that I had been following since around the end of September when it had become a nagging message for this guy on Youtube that I subscribe to named Todd from the channel 311REVELATION, who was awoken by chapter 3:11 in the book of Revelation, which says, “Behold, I come quickly.” I didn’t know anything about the book of Joel or what it was about, and it’s only a short 5 pages in my Bible, so I read it through. To my astonishment, I found that it was completely relevant to the message that had been beating me over the head these past couple of months, a message that the time of the end is coming, more so, that is has already come. This book is about a locust swarm that sweeped over the farmlands of Israel, and how Joel tried to warn the people to repent of their sins that worse things would come if they did not, similar to Noah’s warning of rain and Lot’s warning of brimstone, both of which were not received by those that they had told. The book then transitions into a prophecy about the end times, saying in chapter 2:1,“Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the LORD cometh, for it is nigh at hand.” It elaborates that in the last days, the Lord will pour out his Holy Spirit and show his children signs, prophecy and dreams (2:28), he will show wonders in the heavens and the earth (2:30), as we have seen with Elenin and the other phenomenon surrounding the birthing of Venus from Virgo that took place October 4th of this year. The book of Joel also mentions the parable of the bridgegroom going forth from his chamber to collect the bride (2:16), which has been recently unveiled to many Christians as being a clear allusion to the rapture. I say this now and I’ll say it again, I’m only conveying what has happened to me and how I have interpreted it after praying to the Lord for understanding of his secrets, but you may see it however you like. I just found it interesting how divinely this message was brought to my attention. It says in chapter 3:14, “Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision.” I believe that this is an extremely decisive point in time. I believe that Yeshua, who sits at the right hand of the Father, is just waiting for the signal to collect His people and let judgment be fulfilled upon the earth. I will never cease to tell you what signals God has given to me to prepare, and this same warning is being blasted from far and wide all over various Internet venues and throughout the nations. I am not a prophet by any means, I am simply relaying the message that was given to me as I received it, you can take it or leave it. Also, I was going to keep this a secret, but a few nights ago after a prayer by the window, I opened my eyes and saw a shape in the clouds. I always thought it was silly when people used to tell me that God was showing them signs through the clouds, because clouds can tend to make interesting shapes all the time, but what I saw was a shape as clear as crystal, a 3-dimensional face staring down at me. It was the face of a young lion, like a cub, with an innocent face and glistening eyes lit by the moon in the night sky. In my heart, I knew that this was a sign of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, a reference to Jesus in Revelation 5:5. Many of the others whom I subscribed on Youtube, such as Jebling4 and bebeautifulyou, have seen a sickle in the clouds after praying for a sign. A sickle stands for the reaping of a ripe harvest, another allusion to the rapture, which is also mentioned in Joel 3:13, “Put ye in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe.” It was by my heart that I was taught to play Lullabye, and it’s by this song that I was given yet another message to blow a trumpet of warning. If this brings me ridicule, then I’m proud to be a fool for the Lord.


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