The Devil’s Doctrine

Last night, I was having a good laugh watching a historical documentary try to explain its way around the discovery of an ancient temple found sunken off the coast of Yonaguni, Japan, using that old ‘ice age meltdown’ excuse to explain why it was underwater. At one point, they accidentally discredited their own evolutionary theory by observing how this could only have been built when the water level was lower around 10,000 BC, a time when man, according to their theories, was too primitive to build something this complex. They then went on to theorize how intergalactic extra-terrestrials must have come to aid them without even considering what the Bible has told us all along, that a deluge washed over the land and buried the antediluvian civilizations with their iniquities. This whole idea of “primitive man”, that we were all once a bunch of apish hybrids, is one of Satan’s most elaborate jokes in history. What people don’t realize is that some of these ancient people were among the most intelligent generations that ever lived. Anyone that’s advanced in the field of archeology can testify to the fact that many of these ancient civilizations must have had access to knowledge and a deep understanding of the universe that predates modern technological methods. The underwater Yonaguni monument, for example, lines up on the same circular plane as many of the other famous pyramids around the world. There aren’t many other things in this world that baffle logicians more than seeing these same strange formations and symbols appear in various different cultures around the world, which had previously been thought of as primitive and estranged from one another.

In one of the major Sanskrit epics of ancient India, there is mention of a deadly technology that could be exclusively obtained through intense meditation, a weapon that could not be countered or prevented by its target once it had been discharged. They called it the “Brahmastra”, an elite weapon that only reached the hands of a few of the greatest warriors and could only be used once in a lifetime. It’s recorded that the Brahmastra delivered complete annihilation and left behind a devastating amount of environmental trauma, rendering men and women infertile and the land barren and void of rainfall. Aside from myth, there is evidence supporting the idea that this personal weapon of the gods did in fact exist and had something to do with an arcane or even supernatural method of splitting atoms. Orbiting this idea is an oval area in the Libyan Desert measuring 130 by 53 kilometers where 16-pound pieces of glass was found scattered about, possibly the remnants of a thermal-nuclear blast that would have taken place thousands of years ago. Also, in 1972, a significant change in Uranium 235 and Uranium 238 was detected and traced back to the Gabon mine at Oklo where six zones of depleted uranium was discovered along with its plutonium byproduct. Manufacturing plutonium is an extremely complicated process that takes a tremendous degree of engineering, physics, and acute attention, so, finding these ancient reactor sites arose questions as to the potential genius that existed in the antediluvian era, as well as who may have taught them this ancient wisdom that confounds the scientific community today.

There are many who raise the theory that inter-dimensional intelligent life from other planets once visited Earth and taught man about agriculture, astronomy, architecture, and many other complex studies, which I believe has a considerable amount of validity and evidence, especially considering that “inter-dimensional intelligent life” is a clever way of defining angels. I think people are more prone to believe in aliens over God, because it’s an essentially similar concept, minus the accountability of sin. All of the major civilizations throughout the ages seem to indicate that they were taught everything they know from a deity who visited them at the foundation of enlightenment, whether it be the Babylonian Tiamat, the Chinese Tianlong, or the Mayan god Kukulkan. Another thing these figures all share is their description as being a dragon, or winged serpent, that can change its shape. Every major culture in history has recognized this heavenly creature as a bringer of wisdom and knowledge, which supports my own belief that this scaly teacher also goes by another, more familiar name, Satan, whose original name was Lucifer, the “light-bearer”. The Bible suggests in John 12:31 that Satan is the “ruler of this world”, and if we look back through history, it becomes apparent that he has been influencing mankind since the cradle of civilization to lead us to believe that he is God. Seeing things in this perspective unlocks all of the world’s greatest mysteries. It unravels the truth behind mythology, behind today’s various religions and behind the secrets of the ancients that has for so long remained washed away in time. Knowing Satan’s reputation for hypnosis and human experimentation, there is no doubt in my mind that he and his demonic entities alike are behind the so-called “UFO phenomenon”, which has displayed decades of unexplained supernatural wonders, such as crop circles, which appear within a single moment and continue to reference symbols from ancient Egypt and other esoteric civilizations, and by size, complexity and essence, bears proof in their divine craftsmanship. The first chapter of the book of Romans talks about the wise men of this world worshiping the created rather than the creator. This is why Satan brought us his knowledge to modify genetics and harness things like nuclear power, so that we could renew our faith in created things. There are some people who might say that Satan only ruled those ancients and islanders that were ignorant to the truth, but I think if you take a step back, you’ll see that he’s more active now than ever before in history. Remember, an angel can take many forms, and Satan’s never appeared to anyone as someone that they would reject, so my question is, what form does he take now?


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