Double Feature in the Truth Theater

I decided to make another video for Youtube encompassing the result of modern society’s way overblown glorification of the self and how technology has lead us into an illusory world far from the truth, where the things we worship are the very things that are deceiving us. Remember the name of that one X-Files movie, what was it, “I Want to Believe”? That pretty much says it all. People are prone to believing what they want to believe, but what they want is not necessarily what’s true. I know a lot of atheists that would argue against me, but there’s really no argument. In the end, truth always prevails. I don’t mean to argue my beliefs, as some might argue there’s out of their own sense of fear and uncertainty, but rather I might try to help spread the truth about God in whatever small ways I can before the last grains in the hourglass fall. This world was created from a vision of great and almost incomprehensible love. Likewise, it does not run on our own selfish desires, but on the will of He who created it.

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