Christmas time is here, happiness and cheer. As I prepare to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ and get back in touch with the true meaning of this holiday, which as we have all forgotten derives from the word holy-day, I hear nothing but the bitter aftermath of a world hell-bent on tearing down tradition and stuffing themselves with more stuff than a stuffed turkey. Can somebody please explain to me why mall doors are busting off their hinges, why punches are being exchanged over Air Jordans, and why the police have to pepper spray a mob of shoppers like its a rioting pack of undomesticated chimps? Is this a time of year for stress and aversion towards one another or love and forgiveness between best friends and worst enemies? Growing up around atheists, I’ve always had a place reserved for them in my heart, but when I hear about schools banning Christmas trees and menorahs because their too “prejudiced”, I’m again reassured of the dark times we’re living in. The nation that founded itself through war in the name of God is now defending itself against lawsuits from atheists who have the audacity to call themselves “free thinkers” while demanding a ban on all things Christ in public property, many of them vandalizing nativity scenes across the country and exchanging the baby Jesus for a flying spaghetti monster as a show of the level of maturity behind their cause. It’s a mystery to me how people who don’t hold beliefs can show such an adverse reaction to the name of Jesus, but here they’ve used Christmas this year to prove that atheism truly is a religion of its own in the worship of the self. This is how God will slowly be forgotten in the hearts of men and labeled discriminatory and a violation of human rights. Already, we’ve seen the White House put up a tree praising Obama instead of Jesus and lawmakers in the US House of Representatives banned from saying “Merry Christmas”, overruling Christ with political correctness. It’s no longer sufficient to not believe in God, now non-believers have to proactively stamp him out of the world with sponsored promotional advertising and lawsuits against anyone who won’t kowtow to their personal complaints.

It should be obvious that I’m not grouping everyone that doesn’t believe in God into this category, but it doesn’t take Punxsutawney Phil to predict how fast these godless winters are going to blow over the world when members of Congress begin banning Christ in the name of civility and the Air Force has to apologize for promoting Christian-based charities that gift millions of impoverished children every year. On a courthouse lawn in Athens, Texas, over 5000 people rallied together to keep a nativity scene from being removed under the restrictions of the Freedom From Religion foundation. What kind of tasteless joke is this that there exists a foundation that supports those who are offended by what others choose to believe. It’s still breaking bloody news to me that we live in a world where we actually have to rally like a pack of rebels to hang on to the traditions that our nation was founded upon. Just for future clarity, when someone puts up a cross or a nativity scene, or the word Christmas instead of Xmas, no one is obligated to look at it, nevertheless take it as a personal offense. This isn’t A Clockwork Orange where we’re bound to some chair with our eyelids clamped open against our will, this is the land of the free, in a very gradually narrowing manner of speaking. In Canada, we’re usually a little bit more sound in our legislation on tradition, but already the contagion is seeping in from beneath. Another report came out from Calgary, the city I was born in, that a group of Christian Carolers spreading a little holiday cheer inside City Hall were immediately arrested by 10 police officers and 5 security personnel not three minutes into their first hymn. In Ontario, the driver of a school bus and his little passengers were banned from decorating the bus, because Christmas advocates Christ. In Australia, a three-year-old’s end-of-year sing-along has been disrupted for censorship of the name Jesus. Ironically, in Nazareth, the very town where Jesus grew up, the Mayor has banned all public symbols of Christianity, including Christmas trees. So, be careful what you say this holiday, because the wrong greeting could book you a court date. By all means, put up an Islamic crescent, or a Buddhist swastika, but don’t forget to bury your little ceramic baby Jesus before the Agnostics next-door file a lawsuit. And don’t even think about hanging a lighted wreath on your door in memory of the coming of Christ, it’s a fire hazard, that is unless your hanging it in memory of Julius Caesar. This is how evil slithers in, harmless and undetected, blending its way so deep into the crowds in the name of peace and prosperity of humanity that we forget that what outwardly appears ethical seldom is. We forget that the tempter of our sins is far superior in wisdom and intelligence and has had thousands of years to plan our downfall. Has he got us praying to our Heavenly Father? Or keeling to the presents under the Christmas tree? Do we teach our children to thank our savior Jesus Christ, or a wizard from the coldest place on earth whose name is an anagram for SATAN? Mind you, Satan’s number, the number of man, is 6, and the pythagorean symbol for 6 is X. Just remember that next time you say “Xmas” instead of “Christmas”.

The whole world recognizes this time of year to celebrate, yet statistically, under a seventh of us celebrate it for what it really is, and realistically, even less than that. Whether this truth enrages us or blurs away in light of our dazzling new accessories, the fact remains that there is nothing we can do about the rapid evolution of ignorance, nor is there anything we should be doing, for it is the will of God that this world fall deep into an age of darkness before the salvation that was prepared for us 2000 years ago. This is a darkness of testing and trial, to try the righteousness of all mankind and divide the wheat from the weeds in preparation for its final judgment. If you’re feeling perfectly comfortable living in a world like this, then it’s clear where the division has placed you. As I always say to myself in the heat of it all, “don’t get scared, get ready”. These things are a precursor of darker times, but a harbinger of eternal light. So, when I say “Merry Christmas” against a PC world that sees the Bible as an item of terrorism, I mean it. May God forever be remembered in our hearts and bring justice to a world wrought with corruption.

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