How to Take Over the World


A study on social conditioning and the dark truth about the people who know how to use it



What is social conditioning? It’s almost absurd that we even have to ask that question, what with it playing such an integral part of our everyday life and all. Social conditioning occurs the moment you flick on the TV. It’s on the cover of your weekly newsletter at work. It’s in the jogging mix on your iPod. It was on the side of your classroom back in fourth grade, even printed on the back of your best friend’s favorite 3D lunchbox. It’s lightly humming in the background of that corner café you always go to for your morning dose of caffeine and you have no idea that it even exists. It’s your own personal life consultant that you know virtually nothing about. In fact, most of the decisions you make in society are a direct product of the advice that this invisible guru has whispered into your ear undetected. As far as spiritual warfare is concerned, social conditioning is a dirty bomb, because the real damage isn’t done in the immediate detonation, it’s done over time, during the seemingly innocuous aftermath, slowly eating away at a population until the effects are irreversible and what was once a harmless new trend is now a sociological Chernobyl.

Ephesians 6:12 says, “our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm.” A man’s body riddled with bullets as he falls in battle means nothing in the eyes of eternity. What matters is what that man had in his heart the moment before he huffed his last breath and collapsed in the mud with nothing left to give. What we believe is the only thing that God and Satan tussle over, otherwise our death would be little more than a dried-up apple core decaying back into the chaotic earth from which it was formed. The choices we make in life and what we base them on is the one variable that separates us from every other vapor of life on this planet. This is how the entertainment industry began manufacturing the deadliest weapons in existence. The arsenal is not military, it’s musical. What happens is a promising young artist will finally get his big break and receive that long-fantasized acknowledgment from the film studios or the record labels that he’s dreamt of all his life. He’ll then hastily scribble his name at the base of their contract, sign away whatever remains of his identity, and gradually enter into the echelon of stardom. Suddenly, his songs and his films are no longer just songs and films. They become the voice of those who hold his contract.

Let’s take it down a notch. At an atomic level, every speck of matter that exists is constantly moving and vibrating at various frequencies, the definition of frequency being the speed at which matter vibrates, and all frequencies produce sound. Music is essentially the intelligent molding of these frequencies. It’s also the most influential of the five senses in terms of how it resonates in your brain and affects the way you think. Music has the ability to move through the brain’s auditory cortex and proceed directly to the center of the limbic system, which governs emotional experiences and basic metabolic responses, such as your body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate. Listening to music can also activate the flow of stored memory and imagination across that bridge that stands between the left and right hemisphere of your brain, helping them to work in harmony with each other. But, I think what we enjoy most about music is how it can shape our mood and emotions, like a good love song after a bad break-up. As soon as we wrap those headphones around our ears, stare out the rainy window and hit play, the peptides in our brain become excited and stimulate the production of endorphins in the hypothalamus, creating a sense of euphoria. Sometimes, a single song is enough to revolutionize your whole perspective on life. A song is enough to rally an entire squadron of confused young men for battle. A song is enough to push someone off the roof of their apartment complex, or load the bullets in a gun that’s been patiently sitting in the locker of an unsuspecting high school. One song might be all it takes to erase God from your mind. If how we think and what we believe are the most important elements of life, then whoever holds the ability to manipulate them holds the most dangerous power that exists in our world. It’s no wonder that Satan was the angel of music. It says in Ezekiel 28:13 that he was specifically made for the construction of musical praise to God with heavenly instruments crafted in him since the day that he was created. Who said music was harmless?

Social conditioning is the utilization of this power to manipulate the way someone thinks, to secretly and artfully persuade someone of a particular belief. It’s the ultimate form of temptation. Now, imagine how much greater the effect would be if music was combined with an equally as stimulating visual component. Not only that, but it would be played simultaneously for mass crowds of people all around the world. They called it “cinema”. To be honest, I’m just as big a movie buff as the next guy, but I still can’t seem to shake the thought that this beloved outlet of escapism is essentially a captivating fusion of light and music, Satan’s two strongest suits. You might find that staring at a television screen is both relaxing and hard to look away, just as a fly might unwittingly buzz towards its electrifying death against the bright blue insect zapper on the wall. When our eyes fix themselves on the light that comes out of a screen, a kind of sedation comes over our brains, which lowers our thought process to a state of subconscious. This makes it extremely easy for subliminal stimuli to seep in. Whenever you zone out halfway through the Late Night with David Letterman, your mind begins to absorb tons of information completely under the radar. We often think of subliminal messaging as some quick flash of a handsome couple smoking a pack of Camel cigarettes spliced into one of the frames of our evening matinee. The frightening reality is that subliminal messaging is actually occurring throughout each and every one of those frames. An exhausted athlete chugging a cool Pepsi after a long workout. A pack of teenagers running from the cops in a new pair of sneakers. A couple singletons staring each other down at the laundry mat. Whatever it is, a good marketer knows exactly how malleable the human mind is and how to push its buttons. But, is such a powerful branch of knowledge utilized only by corporate advertisement to boost annual revenue?

I fear for anyone that still thinks we live in a nation that elects the government of its choice. First off, if you’ve been conditioned to believe that political conspiracy is an invention of the unemployed 48-year-old hippy stereotype, I might advise that you turn off That 70’s Show for a moment and do a brief study on the Bilderberg Conference before continuing the rest of this article. Haven’t you ever wondered who’s on top of this pyramid, who really runs the world and what their beliefs are? If film studios, record labels, and mass media are the world’s biggest venues for social conditioning, then whose voice are we listening to? Whoever owns the venues, I guess. If you trace back the hierarchy, you’ll eventually find that it all begins to narrow down to the same few wealthy lineages that have been sitting on top for centuries. These are the bigwigs that own our banks, our media, our government, and pretty much most of what we thought was a free country. The whole scenario seems perfectly harmless until you begin listing names like George Bush, Alan Greenspan, Walter Cronkite, Newt Gingrich, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and everyone else that attends Bohemian Grove once a year to practice mock child sacrifice in front of a monolithic owl carving. A lot happens when we’re not looking. What were once called “secret societies” are slowly beginning to lose the secret as, more and more, information begins to run free via the Internet. With a little bit of good judgment and common sense to filter out the boloney, it doesn’t take long to piece together the fact that 98% of the celebrities we daily love and admire are all acutely aware of how to perform the secret occult hand signals in all of their pictures and album covers.

With such a rapid flow of information accessible from our own personal computers, I think that you’d have to be pretty naïve to think that this is all some pothead myth, especially when former President George W. Bush himself admitted on live television that he belongs to an organization called the “Skull and Bones Society” that initiates its members by making them recount their entire sexual history while masturbating in a coffin. Senator John Kerry was also a member of this group. I guess there wasn’t much of a choice back in the 2004 elections. The whole thing makes me wonder: if the people that own our government, media and entertainment are all worshipping Satan on their days off, what does that say about the motives behind the construction of our society? They integrate their philosophies into the lyrics of an album and weave their values into the script of a feature film, and little by little, we the audience conform to whatever they want us to be. This is why you see ongoing trends in movies and TV shows such as the bitter married couple, the boring preacher, or the crazed conspiracy theorist. These commonly recurring character types are meant to graft a negative image in your mind of these types of people and label them in such a way that you’ll eventually begin to assume that this applies to everyone of the sort. Everyday social conditioning is manifested in many ways. A few years ago, Las Vegas was falling into an economic slump. Bars were shutting down and casinos were filing bankruptcy. Just as things started getting really bad, a movie was made about four middle-aged men having the time of their life as they gamble and get trashed in Las Vegas. Suddenly, tourism levels spiked and gaming revenue went back up 7%. If you look at the situation from an entirely statistical point of view, the true power behind all of these deeply influential films becomes apparent and you start to realize how dangerous is it that this power sits on the doorstep of some of the most corrupt, conniving households in the world. John 12:31 describes Satan as “the ruler of this world”, so I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised that the elite few who run this show belong to a preeminent Satanic cult.

We wake up each day, comb our hair and go to work like there’s nothing out of the ordinary, unaware that the world fashioned around us has been sculpted in such a way to serve the agenda of the most sinister forces ever known. We never thought any harm could come from something like Pong or Pac-man, but it was a new medium and we couldn’t imagine what the long-term sociological effects were going to be. As video games evolved, they became faster, more realistic, more intense and more violent. In no time at all, we went from eating a row of little yellow dots to decapitating people with a chainsaw. This raised an entire generation of kids who were not only proven to be more aggressive and disobedient, but also the recipients of ADHD, which is prevalent in some degree or another throughout nearly 20% of the U.S. population of children, that’s over 10 million kids, a number which has risen 66% since the year 2000. You might’ve seen that one little rascal running around the supermarket making animal noises and kicking his mother’s leg to give him his Game Boy back. Video games have actually proven to gain more revenue than the film and music industry combined. With a statistic like that, the gaming corporations could care less if they’re fostering laziness, apathy, obesity, or a severe breakdown of the wall between reality and fantasy. This is how an entire nation was kept docile during some of the most pivotal political abominations of its history. Like television, video games reward us for doing nothing more than sitting on the sofa, which is kind of like giving your dog a treat every time he jumps up onto your bed, farts and goes to sleep. It often gives us the false sense that we are saving a kingdom, rescuing a princess and making a difference in the world, but the sad reality is that our constitutional rights are being rewritten, our economy is being shattered, our security measures are being turned into a police state under the pretense of terrorism that doesn’t exist, and our biggest concern is how many more points we need until we can upgrade our virtual war hammer. This never used to happen, because people would discuss these kinds of things with each other and resolve relevant issues, but since the popularization of social networks, everything became so much easier to do online where all the little thoughts and emotions that transpire from a meaningful conversation is immediately reduced to a detached, impassive wall of text in which there are only two types of happy faces, two types of sad faces, and one little heart symbol to represent the most complex and profound emotion that we retain. More or less than half of our lives are spent in front of a screen staring into a virtual simulation of the real world. With the invention of modern technology, we find ourselves presented with an option between two worlds. One is stressful, intimidating, filled with violence, disaster and corruption. The second world is just like the first, an idealistic imitation, minus all responsibility. You put two bowls in front of a dog, one filled with meat and the other with lettuce. 10 times out of 10, guess which bowl the dog eats.

Most of the time, when someone hears about social conditioning, they think about how their parents or teachers tried to raise them as obedient Catholics and indoctrinate them with religious values. Contrarily, it goes one step deeper than they had perhaps imagined. The real brainwashing here begins not with their parents, but with the demonization of religion, which invariably arouses rebellion and leads to one confusing their parents’ wisdom and guidance for social conditioning. You might have noticed how the press will take any little uproar within the Christian church community and butcher it until the original context is lost in the thick of overexposure and the only thing that people remember when the word Christian surfaces in conversation is that nutcase Harold Camping who turned the rapture into a national joke. You might also notice how this is seldom done with Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism, Islam, or any religion besides Christianity. Why is this the only belief that seems to constantly fall under scrutiny and criticism in the media? If Satan and his servants have claimed ownership of this world, you can bet that he’s going to try to attack the truth as often as he gets the chance, and that’s exactly what we’ve been seeing in popular media and entertainment, a gradual descent from godly values and a relentless mockery of Christians as an attempt to discourage a relationship with Jesus, which is the very root of all life. It comes down to this; you can listen to the world and find a sense of comfort and belonging for the rest of your life, maybe indulge your fantasies a little, get a feel of what it is to live large. Or, you can take a stand against the socially acceptable and demand truth, no matter how embarrassing it is or how much that article in your Reader’s Digest tries to argue that stress is more fatal than car accidents. Maybe it’s easier for us not to think, worry, or love, but eventually, you’ll have to ask yourself what you really want. Stress, or fear? Truth, or fiction? Life, or death? “If you belonged to the world”, said Jesus, “the world would love you as one of its own. But because you do not belong to the world and I have chosen you out of it, the world hates you.” The most fatal mistake that most of us make happens when we hand ourselves over to ignorance, thinking that not thinking about something makes it go away. In a world modeled around the premise of distraction, the unseen spiritual agents that work tirelessly to ensure that God does not enter your mind are now meticulously crafting a sense of calm during the most desperate and decisive time in modern history. “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.” (Matthew 24:37-39) Not exactly like the movies, is it?





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