CERN’s Golden Age (video)

I finally got around to making another video, a six-part study on a topic that I strongly believe needs to come into consideration. It’s my attempt to further understand the ambitions of the CERN organization in Geneva, Switzerland by analyzing the mythohistorical context behind its language and symbolism. I compare CERN to the Great Work of the alchemists, whose search for prima matter—primeval matter—closely resembles the organization’s quest for dark matter and new physics that might solve the riddles of the universe. But, what was this Great Work of the alchemists? None other than the quest for the Holy Grail, to contain the life-giving substance thought to be hidden within the particles of prima materia, considered by occultists as the key to creating the Philosopher’s Stone, which, in fact, was not a material stone, but a state of awakened consciousness—the Golden Age of deified humanity.

The most evil time in history is just ahead, led by the resurrected King of Babel, Nimrod, also called Osiris, Kronos, Saturn, Shiva, and Apollyon.

If you scroll further down, I’ll leave a written transcript of everything I said in the videos, just so that the information is available in case Youtube decides to take down my videos.








Okay, here is the transcript of my videos…

I have a library of research that I want to share with you, because I feel it’s becoming very relevant, and I don’t want my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to be unaware of these topics. I think it would be greedy to not share everything I’ve been learning. So, I want to bring to mind a bunch of related subjects, going through a lot of potentially flawed theories in order to lead to something that I think is actually quite profound. This is going to get pretty deep, and it can get pretty dark—but then, we live in a very dark world. We live in a world that worships “dark”, literally, and you’ll see what I mean by that.

I’m not going to declare an answer; all I want to do is raise the question. It takes a tremendous amount of discernment to divide fact from fiction. It’s easy to get lost in the confusion of what I’m about to talk about, so I personally recommend praying before you get into this. I want it to be clear that Yeshua, the Lord Jesus Christ, is the only truth, the only way, and the only life. He is the only incarnation of the Son of God, the only door to heaven, and all other interpretations are lies. All other gods are imposters. If you don’t know the Lord Yeshua… your time is running out.

To summarize what I’m going to be leading towards, I’m proposing that the CERN organization in Geneva, Switzerland is fulfilling alchemy’s Magnum Opus—the Great Work. In Alchemy, this Great Work was to discover the primordial substance of raw chaotic matter thought to have comprised the void that existed before creation. This mysterious substance is called “prima materia.” The idea was that, through the discovery of this primeval matter, the Philosopher’s Stone could be created, which results in man redeeming his own sin, and becoming his own “christ”.

This is the most complex, evil thing I’ve ever studied, and to understand it, we have to examine the iconography associated with CERN. We have to search deep into classical antiquity, into the pagan mindset, and understand exactly what philosophies they’re founded on. There is a deity known by many names, by many cultures, to whom the mystery is intrinsically attached.

Outside the CERN facility stands an idol of the Hindu deity Shiva, the “Destroyer,” performing the Tandava dance of creation, preservation, and destruction. We know him from Greek mythology as Kronos, or Pan; to the Romans, Saturn. The deity was a god of both light and darkness; called Osiris in Egypt, his brother Set merely representing Osiris’ dark side—two aspects of a single being. The same pattern of light/dark duality is found in the Zoroastrian deities Ahura-mazda and Angra Mainyu; and in Sanskrit writings, Vishnu and Shiva—it was said by the Indian philosopher Adi Shankara, “Shiva is in the form of Vishnu, as Vishnu is in the form of Shiva. Shiva is in the heart of Vishnu as Vishnu is in the heart of Shiva. ONE CANNOT be without the OTHER.” Apollo is the same, a light-god, depicted as fighting a giant serpent called “Python”, or “Typhon”, which is the same as the Nordic myth of Thor slaying the Midgard Serpent.

The mystery is that the serpent and the heroic light god are two sides of the single deity—a dual-natured god portrayed as two opposites warring with each other. This is why the serpent-god Ophion was worshipped in the same temples as Apollo. Often, the two were fashioned as “Sol Pytho”, literally “sun serpent”. Just to look back at some history, Apollo, who is generally said to have been victorious in his battle with Python, is said by the philosopher Porphyry to have been slain by the serpent. The philosopher Pythagoras also affirmed that he saw Apollo’s tomb at Tripos in Delphi, and he wrote there an epitaph to his honour. The name of Tripos is supposedly given to the place because the daughters of Triopus used to lament the fate of Apollo at that site. But, as I said, Apollo and Python were the same; and Tripus, or Triopus, wasn’t merely the name of the father of these lamenting daughters, but it was a variation of Tor-Opus, meaning the “serpent hill, or the “serpent temple”. Neither Apollo or Python were slain there; they were both worshipped there, being one in the same deity.

The worship of the serpent was quite prevalent, and while it represents darkness and evil, it’s often merged with the worship of the light-god. The deity was also fashioned “Ophion”, from “Ophis” (serpent) and “On” (an epithet for the Egyptian sun-god). Incidentally, the early Ethiopians worshipped the serpent, hence the derivation of the name Aethiopia: from Ath (a sacred title) and Ophis (serpent), literally rendering the name of these people “the serpent-breed” after the god that they worshipped. The first “Ophites”, as they were known, descended from Cuth, father of the Babylonian king Nimrod, and they first settled under the title of “Heliadae” at the Greek island of Rhodes, which consequently came to be known as “Ophiusa” because of their notable worship of the serpent. Other titles that this Cuthite lineage prevailed under are Ophionians, Aethiopes, Elopians, Oropians, and perhaps more familiarly, Europians (Europe), all of which denoted “the people of the serpent”. This serpent has always ruled the world.

Incidentally, CERN is located in Europe, and you’ll notice that its massive particle accelerator appears to venerate the Greek concept of Uroboros—a serpent swallowing its own tail—as the circuit of the Large Hadron Collider forms the same shape of a gargantuan ring with a smaller ring at one side resembling the head of the serpent. The ring has always been a symbol of the god Saturn, even before the planet’s rings were discovered by telescope in the 17th century, and is part of what strongly associates the planet Saturn with the ouroboric serpent that encircles it.

Now, in Mesopotamia and other ancient civilizations, descriptions of the Sun and the planets portray them in orbits and positions that would seem impossible according to our modern understanding. so, it’s conjectured that there may have been a different planetary arrangement as the one we see today. It was put forth by the 20th-century scholar Immanuel Velikovsky that the planet Saturn used to be a sun, then declined from solar status sometime in ancient history, thus the myths of Osiris becoming Lord of the underworld, and Kronos being cast into Tartarus—a sun-god becoming an underworld god. Saturn is the same as the Babylonian Tammuz, or Dumuzi, who was said to be like “Shamash”, which was the sun-god.

Originally, there were seven classical planets, called the “asteres planetai”, meaning “wandering stars”—the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. These were the only moving stars visible to the naked eye, so at the time, they counted seven in total. The planet Saturn is the furthest from the sun of these seven classical planets, thus it came to represent darkness. And because of it’s distant station, it was portrayed as an old bearded man, because it was slow; it takes a long time to orbit the Sun, about 29 years.

There’s another idea that’s important to this understanding, and that is the “axis mundi”, which means the “pivot point of the world”, and its a symbol that represents a place at the centre of the world where the earth connects with the heavens. This idea is found everywhere—the Chinese, the Meso-Americans, the Celtics, the Mesopotamians and the Egyptians… In Norse mythology, heaven is said to sit atop an immense tree in the centre of the world, called Yggdrasil—that’s the axis mundi. Some people look to the Bible, Genesis 28, where Jacob has a dream of a ladder extending from earth to heaven, upon which angels are ascending and descending between the two worlds.

I’ve heard a theory that this axis mundi was a flowing stream of water, dust, or plasma that extended between the planets’ poles in a previous perpendicular alignment of the planets, one atop another. This is where some suppose that Saturn once sat between us and the Sun, eclipsing the Sun in a fixed position above our North Pole, connected to earth by this long plasma stream of ionized gas. With a low density, the current is invisible, at first, until the electrons begin to increase in energy, and over time, the increasing density reaches arc mode and ignites the brown dwarf Saturn into a sun. Earth then exists in the coronal plasma discharge of solar Saturn, just as Saturn’s biggest moon Titan is sustained in this way.

If any of this is true, it would have been in the antediluvian period. This is the time of Atlantis, which most seem to place at the North Pole back when it had a balmy Mediterranean climate. Incidentally, in the perpendicular planetary arrangement, the North Pole is where this cosmic pillar would have extended up towards Saturn. This is the time they call the Era of the Gods, the Golden Age. In classical antiquity, the Golden Age was ruled by the god Saturn, Kronos to the Greeks, Osiris to the Egyptians.

So, it seems as though the ancient astrological reports have been wrapped as mythological tales, a cosmic drama, planets cast as gods. And everyone seems to look to Egypt’s sources because its natural geography prevented a lot of influence from neighbouring countries. The land has massive deserts on both sides. So, it’s generally supposed that their records aren’t as muddied by other cultures.

The Greek Titanomachy myth, the “Battle of the Gods”, may have symbolized a cosmic disturbance which parallels the myth of Jupiter/Zeus overthrowing Saturn/Kronos. The planet Jupiter is the only celestial body massive enough to knock down this planetary arrangement. Theoretically, Jupiter orbited closer to the Sun at this time. Its dominating atmosphere then, at some point, collides with Saturn’s, erupting a nova that casts off all the planets into a different order. It’s a stellar explosion. A sudden influx of matter generates instability in a star, and then all it takes is another large body to pass by, a mutual disturbance between the two atmospheres. What was once a sun then becomes a mere planet, loses all its light—Saturn cast into Tartarus, Osiris turned into the Lord of the Underworld. This possible scenario may have been the literal Titanomachy. Apparently, modern science has proven Velikovsky’s proposal that the planet Saturn is actually more like a star than a planet in its composition.

If this was in antediluvian times, the Golden Age, then the cosmic shift would have been at the time of the Flood. That’s why it’s said that Tammuz was drowned by a flood. Tammuz is the same as Saturn, ruler of the Golden Age. Pan is the same character, whose death, it’s said, marked the end of the Golden Age.

The axis mundi, a tree in the centre of the world… Of course, whatever the axis mundi was, the original one was the tree in the centre of the garden of Eden, the forbidden Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. That’s the first recorded account. Everything else that came later in myths, Yggdrasil, or the plasma pillar, that can all be purely symbolic, but the first account cannot be symbolic. The idea of symbolism is that the original thing being symbolized has to be literal. So, what was it? It was the forbidden Tree of Knowledge.

I personally tend to think the idea of an axis mundi, and a bygone Saturnian Golden Age, runs much deeper than just a cosmic event. I believe what’s being expressed as “Saturn’s death” has more to do with a shift in human consciousness at the time of the Flood. Occultists maintain that mankind was enlightened in the Golden Age, and then devolved from this divine state post-Flood. Ever since, civilizations have sought to return to that state of human enlightenment, that awakened consciousness. And so, they built pyramids, and ziggurats. Why? The same reason so many cultures venerated certain high mountains. A high mountain represents the place where earth closest reaches to heaven. Like Mount Everest, and Fuji… or Mount Kailash in Tibet, said to be the home of Shiva. High mountains were the same basic symbol of an axis mundi, a stairway reaching from earth to heaven.

Isn’t it curious that angels in the Bible always descend on the tops of mountains, like the rebel angels on Mount Hermon in the Book of Enoch. Even God Himself descends on Mount Sinai. Jesus Christ is said to return atop the Mount of Olives at His second coming. It was also from the Mount of Olives that Jesus ascended to heaven in Acts 1. In Matthew 17, He was transfigured atop a high mountain. The ancients clearly recognized a relation between mountaintops and heavenly ascension. Pyramids and ziggurats were built to the same effect; and Nimrod’s Tower of Babel was being constructed under the same ambition, to reach heaven. All of these man-made replicas, and in fact the symbol of the mountain altogether, became an icon of heavenly ascension, because the original axis mundi was the Forbidden Tree in the centre of Eden. Make sense? Mountains and pyramids all reflected on the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, because Satan wanted it to be held as a symbol of enlightenment, a way to make man into a god—apotheosis. So, in effect, when we venerate a tall mountain as sacred, or build tall skyscrapers, we are paying tribute to the Tree of Knowledge. We’re revering it as a source of enlightenment, not as the cause of all sin.

We have to understand that, in ancient times, most cultures saw their own country to be the centre of the world, while the outside became a symbol of darkness and evil simply for being unknown. It was just a common perception. So, regarding the tales of the axis mundi from the time before them, they looked to their largest mountain, or built a tall pyramid to the same effect, thinking it would connect to that old bridge leading to higher heavenly spheres. After all, they were the centre of the world, right? They thought they were, so they tried to reconnect a bridge they thought once existed there.

Egyptian obelisks are another symbol of the axis mundi. Obelisks are a representation of the severed phallus of Osiris, and they’re made to be shaped after the appearance of a ray of sunlight beaming down. Again, we’re revering Osiris (Saturn) as the ray of light that enlightens us through the partaking of the knowledge of good and evil. In the Egyptian myth, Osiris is murdered by his brother Set, and his dismembered body parts are cast into the Nile River, which may have symbolized the constellation Eridanus; after all, it is the Eridanus River in which the Greek sun-god Helios is drowned—another reference to the Golden Age of Tammuz ending at the time of the Flood.

I don’t think that there was a cosmic pillar. I think it was just the Tree of Knowledge all along. The first account always has to be literal—that’s the rule. And then, everything that follows can be purely symbolic.

I guess the main point that I want to try to articulate is that all of these symbols of the axis mundi are all meant to point us back to the original, the Tree of Knowledge. Satan wants us to believe that Adam and Eve’s original sin was actually a liberation from the ignorance that God had enslaved them in, and virtually every culture in the world has fallen for this lie. The Tower of Babel was meant to maintain the memory of Eden’s Tree of Knowledge as an icon of enlightenment, not evil. That tree has been our axis mundi, the centre of our world, the centre of our whole thought. The very thing God told us not to touch, we couldn’t keep our hands off of.

Okay, now, lets get back to Saturn.

The symbol of the crescent, like a crescent moon, is all over the place. You see it on Islamic flags… It’s on portraits of Shiva, ornamenting his hair, and that makes sense if you regard Shiva as the same as Saturn. Saturn was the first deity to popularize the crescent symbol. When associated with the masculine deity, the ancients always liked to depict the crescent in a fixed horizontal position, usually beneath the sun wheel. For those who believe there was once a polar planetary alignment, it’s thought that the brown dwarf Saturn, before lighting up in arc mode, originally shone only a crescent along its perimeter from the Sun behind it. This crescent of light may have rotated around the circumference of the planet, serving as the first form of timepiece, a clock, hence Saturn’s title as the “god of time”, or “Father time”.

And this crescent symbol, of course, appears like the horns of a bull; this is why the sacred animal of Osiris was a bull. This is also why Saturn, or Pan, is portrayed as a horned satyr, an icon of male fertility, just like the bull. Saturn to the Canaanites was called El, or Moloch, and idols of the god used for infant immolation were always horned, or bull-headed. Not only were the bull horns a symbol of the crescent, but the Roman Saturn is always depicted with a sickle in his hand, a scythe, which is also the shape of a crescent.

Oh, and just as a side note, this god, Saturn, the Canaanite “El”, is the same as who Muslims today call “Allah”. The 18th-century British scholar Jacob Bryant wrote, “The Deity El was particularly invoked by the eastern nations, when they made an attack in battle: at such time they used to cry out, “El-El”, and “Al-Al”. This Muhammad could not well bring his proselytes to leave off: and therefore changed it to “Allah”; which the Turks at this day make use of, when they shout in joining battle.” Allah is the Canaanite El, Moloch, Saturn.

Okay, so, now let’s talk about how the number 666 is a direct reference to this deity. The moon is usually symbolic of feminine qualities, but the ancient Mesopotamians held the moon as a patriarchal male deity. His name was “Su’en”, or Sin, designated the “creator of all things”. They associated the Moon with the creator deity, because it was this creator god that had previously popularized the crescent symbol. And like I say, I’m not inclined to believe that there was once a different planetary arrangement. No, I don’t think Sin became associated with the crescent because of the planet Saturn once eclipsing the sun, causing some visual brim of light that appeared like a crescent; I think the original crescent was the Milky Way Galaxy, which appears to form a massive arch across the sky. You see, they ascribed this mere “moon god” all the most eminent titles—“creator of all things”, “chief of the gods”—attributes connected to the story of creation. Sin wasn’t just a moon god. He was the demiurgical deity associated with the crescent of the Milky Way, and that’s why they associated him with the crescent moon. It was the same basic symbol, so they made a connection between the two, assigning the identity of this important “creator” deity to the Moon.

The moon-god Sin was called the “Father of the Gods”, same as Saturn. He was titled the “Lord of Wisdom”, just like the serpent in the Tree of Knowledge. The name Sin means “illuminator”, and it’s usually written as En-zu, but it can also be spelled using the Roman numerals for thirty—XXX. In Pythagorean numerology, the letters F, O, and X are all equated to the number 6… So, if the name Sin is spelled in the Roman numerals XXX, Sin’s name is 666.

Saturn is the 6th planet from the Sun. Historically, the god was symbolized by the hexagram, called the Seal of Solomon, mistaken today for the “Star of David”, which is essentially a 6-sided hexagon surrounded by 6 triangles, the whole shape drawn with 6 lines; hence, 666. Each of the 6 triangles also have equal angles of 60 degrees (60°, 60°, 60°).

In ancient Babylon, the priests used to wear an amulet called “Sigilla Solis” (the Sun Seal), which contained numbers from 1 to 36, since their astrologers divided the stars of heaven into 36 constellations. If you add the numbers of any column either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, the total is always 111. The sum of all six columns, horizontally or vertically, is therefore 666.

The black cube is also a symbol for Saturn, hallowed by Muslims as the “Kaaba” in Mecca. These are the people who worship the Canaanite “El” as Allah, which is the Akkadian “Bel”, or “Baal”, who is Osiris/Kronos/Saturn, the imposter “God”. In Plato’s ‘Timaeus’, the symbol of the cube is associated with the Earth element—consider that Capricornus, the astrological domain ruled by the planet Saturn, is also an Earth sign. The cube is also a 6-sided shape, again equating Saturn with the number 6; and a cube seen from one of its vertices forms the 2-dimensional shape of a 6-sided hexagon, which is also the shape in the rotating storm clouds on the planet Saturn’s north pole, as seen during NASA’s Cassini mission.

Our world is the 3-dimensional plane. The 4th dimension is defined as perpendicular (90-degree angle), or square, to the three familiar dimensions of the world—width, height, and breadth. According to Euclidean geometry—the geometry of straight lines—this dimension is impossible because no more than three perpendicular lines can meet at one point. Such a meeting forms the corner of a cube. The cube is therefore the symbol of the material universe in which all positions in space, and therefore motion also, are defined by three coordinates: latitude, longitude, and level above sea. The meeting of three perpendicular lines adds up to 270 degrees (3 x 90 degrees). The number 270 is equal to the Greek word “mnemeion”, meaning, “sepulcher, grave, tomb”. In kabbalism, the number 27 is also associated with the path of Peh—an ancient Semitic letter—which connects Hod (rational thought) with Netzach (emotion). “Peh” means “mouth”, and represents the Serpent Power vested in Mars (war), which is said to be the ability to overcome spiritual obstacles—consider Lucifer, who began a “war” against God in an attempt to overcome his spiritual obstacle. Satanists believe that the number 270 is the “key”, if you will, to unlocking this obstacle of being in submission to the Creator’s will, via warfare.

Perceiving possibilities beyond those defined by Euclidean geometry, Albert Einstein put forward the “variable curvature from place to place” theory, which suggested that there is no such thing as a straight line, seeing lines as waves, rather. This theory makes the impossible seem possible—more than three lines meeting at a single point. This is what takes place in black holes. The variable curvature of the universe is the Semitic letter Peh (meaning mouth); Peh therefore represents the distortion that makes the transition from the 3rd to the 4th dimension seem possible, enabling more than 3 dimensions to meet at a perpendicular angle. That meeting takes places at the end of Peh, that is, beyond the 270 degrees of the cube’s corner, where consciousness is said to become the witness of non-being—what occultists regard as “enlightenment”.

This 4th dimension is said to be accessed in the practice of Kundalini, where the “secret serpent power” said to be coiled at the base of the spine is elevated up the body to the cranial chakra, where the pineal gland in the brain is then opened. The opening of Peh (the mouth) is also the opening of Ayin—another Semitic letter meaning “eye”. Ayin is the Eye of Set, or Shiva, whose sight is in Ain (or “ajna”). You’ll notice that Shiva is depicted with a mouth-like eye on his forehead. That’s the Ayin. The opening of the Eye of Shiva is symbolized by the unfolding of the star tetrahedron, a 3-dimensional hexagram. This unfolded, blossomed eye is called the “Sri Yantra” and is said to be the gateway to Daath, which is Hebrew for “knowledge”, equated with the Abyss… the Abyss, or Bottomless Pit, is said to be the domain of Apollyon the Destroyer in the Book of Revelation.

I should also note that Apollyon is the same as Apollo, which is the same as Tammuz, Osiris, and Saturn. In fact, his Hebrew name is Abaddon—from the root word “abadir”, meaning “snake”; and “On”, of course, being an epithet for the Egyptian sun-god….. the “serpent sun-god” is what the name means. This is the same as Shiva. Like Apollo, Shiva is almost always portrayed with a serpent. Apollyon and Shiva also share the same title, the “Destroyer”.

So, anyways, as the opened mouth, or the blossomed eye, the Sri Yantra is supposed to be the turning point between the 3rd and 4th dimensions of the universe.

And back to Einstein’s “variable curvature” theory, I want to point out that his concept of a wavy line is a serpentine reflection of the “great serpent” of myth, a manifestation of the fallen angel Satan. This wavy line is known in mathematics as “sine”, the trigonometric sine function; and spiritually, it represents a curvature in God’s perfect creation, or what we know as “sin”, which is also the common abbreviation of “sine”—“Sin” also being the Mesopotamian name for the god Saturn.

Consider how creation was perfect when God first made it — Genesis 1:31, “And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.” In this perfection, there was no death; Adam and Eve were immortal. Thus, time only entered into Adam and Eve when they sinned, thereby producing death —“For the wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23). From this, we can conclude the unholy trinity: sin = time = death. All three are continuous with each other, and all three were introduced simultaneously — Genesis 2:17, “but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.” Saturn is called the god of “time”, effectively connecting him with the elements of sin and death, hence his alternate role in mythology as Lord of the Underworld; aka Apollion, Osiris, Shiva, etc… So, if Apollo/Horus the sun-god and Python/Apep the evil serpent are in fact two sides of the dual-natured pagan deity, then Saturn is in fact the same as the serpent in the Garden of Eden who tempted Eve, establishing in the first humans sin, time, and death.

Eve was tempted also by the notion that the fruit was “desirable for gaining wisdom” (Gen 3:6). She then gave the fruit to Adam, and consequently, “the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked” (Gen 3:7). The connection between having “opened eyes” and a suddenly heightened level of self-consciousness is indicative of the Sri Yantra, the blossomed “third eye” of Shiva. I might reference Catholicism, as well as the Eastern and ancient religions, noting their affinity for the pinecone symbol, which represents the pineal gland, or third eye. It’s thought of as a point of passage between the 3rd and 4th dimension, that is, our realm and the spiritual realm.

Now that we’ve had a lengthy lesson in the darkest depths of history, now that we know the context of these symbols, let’s scrutinize the CERN organization. The very name is a diminutive form of “Cernunnos”, the Celtic identity of Saturn. Cernunnos is likewise portrayed as a horned god. The name comes from the ancient Semitic “qrn”, meaning “horn”; hence, “Kronos”. Think of “unicorn”, or “capricorn”—the word “corn” is denoting a “horn”. This is indeed where we get our modern view of the Devil as having horns.

In addition to the statue of Shiva sitting right outside the CERN facility, the organization filmed a dance opera called “Symmetry” based on the “Nataraja”, Shiva’s cosmic dance of destruction. And, the ouroboric ring symbol of Saturn is also represented by the 27-kilometre-round circuit of the LHC particle collider—again, a highlight on the number 27 (Peh), the key to overcoming spiritual obstacles through warfare against God. Furthermore, the land on which the Large Hadron Collider sits is Saint-Genis-Pouilly, the name Pouilly deriving from the Latin “Appolliacum”, signifying the town as having once had a temple dedicated in Roman times to the sun-god Apollon.

Astonishingly, the inter-dimensional ascension of the Sri Yantra, the third eye of Shiva, seems to be exactly the same ambition that the scientists at CERN admit to be working towards—on a much grander scale.

Scientists working at the LHC have observed that, compared to other forces, Earth’s gravity is “puny”. One explanation is that we experience only a fraction of the force, with the rest acting through microscopic, curled up extra dimensions of space. Andy Parker, professor of high energy physics at Cambridge University, said, “The gravitational field we see is only the bit in our three dimensions, but actually there are lots of gravitational fields in the fourth dimension, the fifth dimension, and however many more you fancy.”

The idea is that another 4th dimension is the realm into which the full force of our gravity leaks.

Parker continues, “The rules of quantum mechanics say that particles behave like waves, and as the LHC ramps up to higher energies, the wavelengths of the particles it collides become ever shorter. When the wavelengths of the particles are small enough to match the size of the extra dimensions, they would suddenly feel gravity much more strongly… What you’d expect is that as you reach the right energy, you suddenly see inside the extra dimensions, and gravity becomes big and strong instead of feeble and weak. The sudden extra pull of gravity would cause particles to scatter far more inside the machine, giving scientists a clear signal that extra dimensions were real.”

Mir Faizal, one of three physicists behind the experiment, explained: “Just as many parallel sheets of paper, which are two dimensional objects (breadth and length) can exist in a third dimension (height), parallel universes can also exist in higher dimensions… We predict that gravity can leak into extra dimensions, and if it does, then miniature black holes can be produced at the LHC.”

Remember, black holes demonstrate an instance of more than three lines meeting at a perpendicular angle, the variable curvature that is thought to create the transition from the 3rd to the 4th dimension.

The Saturnian religious symbolism is all in place, the invocatory ritual dance of Shiva complete, and now, this search for the 4th dimension by way of an 8-billion-euro particle collider… Maybe now it makes sense why CERN’s logo is a disguised 666. In 1989, CERN also invented the World Wide Web—WWW. In Hebrew, the letter W, Vav, is the sixth letter of the alphabet, making WWW another way of writing 666. The entire organization is founded upon the principles and symbols associated with the Biblical Devil.

As I said in the beginning, considering all this information, what I’m submitting is that CERN is fulfilling alchemy’s Magnum Opus—to find and contain the prima materia, and by it, create the Philosopher’s Stone. I do suspect that the hypothetical “dark matter” is possibly the same substance that alchemists regard as the raw material, the chaotic matter, that preceded creation. Dark matter is, after all, theorized to comprise most of the universe, so it would make sense that this substance is what they suppose created everything within the universe. Of course, as a Christian, I have a different view on all of this, but just analyzing what they’re meddling with… I think they think that what they’re calling “antimatter” is the same as “dark matter”, and if that’s true… then they might think they’ve actually found prima materia.

In the occult, this elusive prima materia is thought to have concealed within it the divine spark that birthed all life, symbolized in all pagan myth accounts as the first “god”. It is the Holy Grail, or virginal mother womb, bearing the divine life-giving power, a medicina catholica, a panacea, an elixir for every problem in the universe, both physical and spiritual. The prima materia is hyper-dimensional, and finding it would mean opening another dimension, exactly the ambition of CERN’s LHC particle accelerator.

Sergio Bertolucci, the company’s Director for Research and Scientific Computing, said, “Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it.”

Is it possible they are planning to open another dimension, however briefly, in order to extract a sample of prima materia? Would they open the Abyss, the bottomless pit, to contain a particle of the substance that comprises its void?

In alchemy, “Magnum Opus” is a double entendre in that the Greek “opus” denotes a serpent, rendering the title of their endeavour the “Great Serpent”—Magnum Opus. This serpent, the Dragon, also symbolized by the ouroboric ring of the planet Saturn, is the symbol of the prima materia in mythology—like the Ouroboros in that it is an uncreated, self-slaying, self-generating deity. Imagine it like light hidden in a particle of darkness. This primordial dark substance is, to the occultist, the “Devil spirit”, while it’s inner light-giving spirit is the “God spirit”. To unlock the Good, one must seek the Evil, wielding both dark and light as a higher synthesis, the “knowledge of good and evil” that Satan used to corrupt mankind in the very beginning.

Now, is it just me, or is this prima materia exactly the same as the dual-natured god we’ve been learning about? Osiris and Set… Apollo and Python… Expressed as two opposing characters in conflict with each other, there is a single deity being portrayed that is both light and dark at the same time… Like the prima materia, light hidden inside a particle of dark—both light and dark at once.

The ancient Chaldee spelling of Saturn was STUR. In Babylonian numerology, equating numbers with letters, the letters S, T, U, and R equate to the numbers 60, 400, 6, and 200. That adds up to 666. The word “stur”, like the Arabic root “str”, means to “hide, or conceal”. This could be a reference to the remoteness of the planet Saturn, or its decline from solar status, when it lost its light, as some maintain. But, I would also submit that this reference of Saturn being “hidden” or “concealed” refers to the nature of the prima materia in that its darkness hides the divine spark of light concealed within, and that that very darkness of the materia keeps it hidden altogether.

The goal of the alchemists was to, through attaining prima materia, create the lapis philosophorum—the Philosopher’s Stone. The mystery of the Philosopher’s Stone… is that it is not a material stone; it is a state of awakened consciousness. The stone is the supposed “enlightenment” that humans possessed in the antediluvian era—the Golden Age—when the planet Saturn was theorized to have been a sun. It’s possible that the whole theory of Saturn being a sun… was purely symbolic of a time when the people who worshipped this god were illuminated in mind, enlightened, brilliant like the Sun. It’s like how we look back on the 17th and 18th century and call it the “Enlightenment Era”, or the “Age of Reason”, because of all the intellectual movements in the West at that time. Perhaps, at the time of the Flood, the planet Saturn lost solar status, hence the Greek myth of the Golden Age ending with the death of Pan, or Babylon’s Tammuz drowning in a flood; or perhaps this simply meant that the “enlightened” people of that time were swept away in the Flood. That would make sense, because in the pagan worldview, humanity, nature, and the divine are all seen as being continuous with each other. The pagan mind thinks that man is an emanation, a manifestation, of God Himself. The pagan holds that man is God. So, when they say Tammuz drowned in the Flood, they could have been referring to themselves, the people who worshipped Tammuz. They themselves were the manifestation of Tammuz—that’s what they thought.

The Cumaean Sybil, a revered Apollonian priestess, prophesied that Saturn would regain his reign over the world, that is to say that mankind would one day regain some state of spiritual consciousness lost in the shift to secular rationalism.

This idea was the foundation of Nimrod’s ambition to reach heaven with the Tower of Babel, as the tower was an attempt to replicate the original “axis mundi”, which literally, was the Tree of Knowledge in the centre of Eden. This tree was the first symbol of enlightenment, and any success in achieving the heightened consciousness of the antediluvians was considered a taking of its fruit. This was nothing more than a way of communicating the state of divine illumination that Satan convinced us would be attained by eating of the Tree of Knowledge.

The ambition of alchemy was not to turn lead into gold. It was never about making gold. It was thought that the finding of prima materia would enlighten humanity, thus eliminating the source of man’s corruption, ignorance. This awakening would bring man to a final understanding of his dual nature—as he was an emanation of the dual-natured god—and man would come to finally understand the totality of the Self, hence the Tree of the Knowledge of “Good and Evil”. Effectively, man becomes his own messiah, redeems himself; and it meant not only the redemption of the individual, but a single containment of prima materia in the 3-dimensional universe would effect the entire cosmos, saving all of creation as a dark counterfeit to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ…

…The ambitions of Babel finally succeed through the Magnum Opus of alchemical science, and man rejects a faith in Christ’s sacrifice in order to save himself as his own “christ” through the power of the dark (Dragon) matter.

I’m quite convinced that this hypothetical “dark matter” is the prima materia that the alchemists were looking for. The question is, is dark matter the same as the antimatter that they’ve been studying at CERN? In June of 2011, they contained antimatter for a total of 16 minutes. I believe it was antihydrogen. They contained it with two superconducting magnets that used the antihydrogen’s magnet properties in order to suspend it in containment long enough for them to study.

As Saturn—El—was honoured by the apostate Jews, the true Jewish demiurge, YHWH, became falsely equated with Saturn. This is why the satanic and occult world regards the Biblical God as an “ignorant” deity, because Saturn, the primordial prima materia, reflects the unconscious, a literal and spiritual darkness. So, they regard YHWH as the dark “void” that preceded creation, while Lucifer is the mystical light hidden within it. In Greek mythology, this primeval demiurge is represented by Chaos. “Magnum Chaos” was, in fact, the term for the “Abyss”. The abyss itself is often misunderstood to be a god, even the Biblical God, and the Eden account in Genesis is warped to portray the Tree of Knowledge as the thing that liberated Adam and Eve from this force of ignorance. It’s pure evil.

I wonder… is CERN going to retrieve prima materia by opening an inter-dimensional door to the Abyss? Like the company’s Director of Research said, “Out of this door might come something…” I mean, earlier this year, the operations team was literally joking around with a giant metal key symbolically giving them the green light to run the machine again. I don’t think think that the Key to the Bottomless Pit is quite this literal, but I think it’s a clue.

Lucifer/Satan was the original knower of good and evil, the dual-natured entity. He is Osiris and Set. He is Apollo and Python. He is Saturn, Cernunnos. He is every one of his made-up characters, hero and villain. In effect, what the secular world will be calling “God”, our “Creator”, is the Devil himself—not to imply that dark matter is Satan, but in philosophy, people are praising the same theological principle.

The secular world has it all backwards. They think the problem, the source of corruption, is a lack of knowledge. They overlooked the blackness of the human heart.

Okay, I’m going to stop here… I hope you learned a couple new things… And to my family in Christ, I love you very much. And remember, Yeshua said the end times would be just as in the days of Noah, the pagan Golden Age.

Well, we’re there.

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