Must Read: ‘The Computation of 666’

We wish to bring before Christians an enormous problem, well known to the sceptic and philosopher, but of which they are little cognizant, known as ‘the great secret of secrets’… We allude to the Secret of the Mysteries. Chaldea, Egypt, Greece, the Gnostics, the Rosicrucians, and the Freemasons show us an uninterrupted chain of men holding tenaciously a secret so profound that they have never divulged it. We claim to expose it.” —p.7

Even in the late 19th century, Christian brothers were seeing the building tidal wave of pagan revivalism manure. Now, in the early 21st century, we’re struggling to keep our heads above a steaming sea of filth that is the all-consuming influence of Eastern mysticism and Hermetic philosophy in a world thoroughly bored with the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ, yet with no lesser a cry for a saviour.

This 1891 out-of-print book with the brilliantly long title…

‘The Computation of 666 and its Relation to Antichristian Systems, but Having Reference to a Person, the Coming Antichrist, Who is to be Over-thrown by the Sun of Righteousness’

…so far seems like a lost gem for anyone seeking insight and disclosure on the ‘mystery of iniquity,’ the occult secrets behind the world’s most puzzling mathematical equation: 666.

Written by “TWO SERVANTS OF CHRIST” in every expectancy of a future rapture, the book has me cheering on the slow, cancerous demise of pagan idolatry through this shameless distribution of its most cherished “secret” doctrines, and welcoming with confidence what is clearly the final hour before the Body of Christ says to the world a joyous, “ADIEU!”







One thought on “Must Read: ‘The Computation of 666’

  1. Hey man, you should check out some of Jim Arrabito’s documentaries, I think they’d be right up your alley. Here’s a link to one of the parts of his series on the book of revelation that deals with 666 and the ancient mystery religions:

    Let me know if you check it out and what you think. I have a list of all his documentaries I can give you if you’re interested to check out more of his work.


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