Must Read: ‘The Computation of 666’

“We wish to bring before Christians an enormous problem, well known to the sceptic and philosopher, but of which they are little cognizant, known as ‘the great secret of secrets’… We allude to the Secret of the Mysteries. Chaldea, Egypt, Greece, the Gnostics, the Rosicrucians, and the Freemasons show us an uninterrupted chain of men holding tenaciously… Read More Must Read: ‘The Computation of 666’

Saturn as a Sun

This study is a close exploration of the radical theory that the planet Saturn was once a sun, supported by the vast collection of ancient literary sources and comparative mythology between the greatest astronomically skilled cultures in history. This theory, popularized by 20th-century scholar Velikovsky, examines a possible cosmic event that may have inspired the… Read More Saturn as a Sun


There is one study in particular that’s been dragging on my conscience, so without further delay, here it is. In scripture there is an ancient promise, accommodated by a plea that the people of the final generation do not fall into that last trap set for mankind by the cunning of its accuser. “Let no… Read More Messiah