Signs of the Season

God really isn’t limited to how he wants to speak to people. Just looking back on these past few months, I’ve seen him use numbers, clouds, page-folding, chip containers, bath nozzles and countless other ways to communicate a common message to me and Christians alike worldwide, and now, two more signs appeared yesterday that were perfectly synchronized with this message. The message is that a rapture of Jesus’ church is right around the corner, which means, if I’ve prepared myself right, I might not be here for much longer. In the book of Joel, chapter 2:28-29, it talks about an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the last days. That would explain how I went from party boy to preacher almost over night. Anyways, on to the signs.

I live on the 28th floor of an apartment complex in Vancouver overlooking Granville Island and English Bay, and I can look down and see these small water taxis going back and forth from the beach to Granville Island. It’s a short 5-minute trip, so sometimes they circle the waters a couple times for tourists. Here’s where things get interesting. Right after my prayer by the window, I looked down at the long trail in the water behind one of the water taxi’s as it was looping around to go back the other way and saw a familiar shape many other Christians and watchmen have also been seeing lately. The boat first has to make a short turn to the left and then it curves back around in a big circle, and the image I saw in the water was the shape of a near perfect sickle. I thought it was a question mark at first, but it even had the little curves in the handle that distinguish it as being a sickle. A sickle, as you know, is a symbol for harvest, which the Bible continuously uses as an allusion to the rapture. I knew this was something that the Lord wanted me to see, because it was the same feeling as when I was in the bathtub a week or so ago and found myself staring at the hot and cold nozzles for no apparent reason, until I realized that the shape on these nozzles was the exact shape of a waxing gibbous moon, which was the current moon phase for that day. Both of these times, I had just prayed for the Holy Spirit to open my eyes, and both times, I was lead into an odd position in which my eyes would fasten on something for no immediately apparent reason. Concerning the moon sign I saw in the bathtub, this was unusual, because I normally detest taking baths, but I was lead to do so by the quiet call of the Holy Spirit, and as it turned out, this was the only position that I could have possibly taken notice of such an obscure detail. This sign was also timed in accordance to a very bold yes or no question that I had asked the Lord, which I won’t mention, but it pertains to the rapture, and my only advice is think twice if you don’t believe that Jesus is coming soon.

Now, I received another message from the Lord the night before last, though I didn’t know it at the time. Two nights ago, after prayer, I asked the Holy Spirit to open my eyes, and when I opened the Bible, I landed on Isaiah 52. I found this odd for a couple of reasons; one, that particular page in my Bible is page 1011, which is my current address, and two, the corner of the page was folded. Mind you, this is the only page in my Bible that is folded, and purely out of respect, I don’t fold pages in the Bible. If you’ve read some of my earlier postings, you might remember that pages in my father’s Bible were also found miraculously folded to show him the number 333 in the book of Numbers. So, what’s the significance of Isaiah 52? Yesterday, I found out that there are 66 books in the Bible, and the book of Isaiah has 66 chapters, so many are deriving a connection from this. You have to remember that the Bible is a divine book and contains many supernatural mysteries. Did you really think it was a coincidence that the antichrist is introduced in the 6th chapter of the 66th book in the Bible? Anyways, the book of Thessalonians is the 52nd book in the Bible, so people related that to the corresponding 52nd chapter in Isaiah, because Thessalonians is the book with all the information pertaining to the rapture, and sure enough, Isaiah 52 is one of the few Old Testament chapters that details and foretells of the Messiah, Jesus, which is exactly what the rapture is all about, our salvation through the Messiah. So, if you were shown the “rapture chapter”, as they call it, and a sickle in the water, what conclusion would you draw from this?

God told Noah to build a boat. For 120 years, Noah told people that water was going to fall from the sky for the first time and wash away the entire world, but he was scoffed and ridiculed, right up until the day an angel sealed the doors of the boat and first rainfall broke through the clouds. The harvest is ripe for the reaping and I’ve prepared my ark for a flood. Have you prepared yours?

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